Nov 2, 2012

Istanbul calling

There is a great sense of energy and innovation wherever you lay your eyes on as you travel by each lane in Istanbul.The city is a good mix of the old and the new each with its own beauty and history. its surely is a city which never would let anyone down with its rich culture & heritage.

WELL what can i say...i would be back for more.


Nov 18, 2011

A morning at Muscat

Its was cool morning weather, when i decided to go out for a long drive with my Camera. I drove all the way to SEEB via RUWI high street, Qurm Beach, Seeb airport, gazing o the wonderful beauty of the city that surrounded us and hardly do we have the time to admire. It was the day when nostalgia creep-ed in of the first time i set foot on this soil along with one of my friends.

This post is just to share what i have to share from the wonderful morning drive that was nothing less than an eternal bliss in disguise.